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It’s called Christmas, not $#!tmas

It’s official. I’ve seen more Christmas cards that have “$#!t” on the cover than nativity scenes. Not actual $#!t, just the word. Along with some holly.

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I had been to a handful of Canadian stores looking for a certain kind of Christmas card. Something with a nativity, maybe some wisemen following a star but found no such luck.

When I told my friend about this during a recent trip to the U.S. she said, “I’m sure you’ll find some here, after all this is America!” Or so she thought (that I’d find some, not that she resides in America).

Now, people have been telling me for some time that Christmas is no longer about celebrating the birth of Christ. Many have tried to convince me that it’s all about consumerism. Consumption of “more stuff” and of course, copious amounts of booze.  But I didn’t believe them. I still thought that under all those Santas and snowmen and candycanes, a little baby Jesus was still somewhere in there.

So I visited another 3 or 4 American stores and had employees digging around piles of cards, through the Santas and snowmen and candycanes. Again and again, they would say, “that’s weird, we don’t have anything with a nativity”.

My friend suggested that “maybe it was the stores we were shopping in, that maybe they weren’t catering to…” to what? People who celebrate Christmas?  I even went to Papyrus, a popular paper company in both Canada and the U.S., and found the same situation in both. This is not good Papyrus <wagging finger>, Christians like Christmas cards from specialty paper stores too.

I’m not sure why I came up with nothing on my Christmas card hunt. Is it really about supply and demand? Or have we decided to discard the reason for the season in favour of sparkles and snowflakes? Who knows, maybe 10 years from now, I’ll be buying the “$#!t” card during the “Holiday period”.

It might feel appropriate by then.

Merry Christmas and stay tuned as I continue my search.


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