The Contest! Explained!

04 Feb

So apparently, I’m not a good contest commissioner.  People have been contacting me or talking to me in person saying things like,

I get your emails, which I’m assuming means I’m subscribed
No, this only means that I’m lucky enough to have your email address and then use it to pester you. The only way you can be subscribed is if look at the column on the right that says, “follow blog via email” then put your email address in the box and voila! You will then be a subscriber and I will remove you from my personal mass email list.  If you’ve already followed these steps then you’re already entered.

Why do I have to subscribe if I find your blog on Facebook or when you email it to me with the mass email?
Well then you wouldn’t be entered to win awesome prizes, would you?

Will I get a whole bunch of emails?
Nope, you’ll just get the most recently published blog post a few times a month.

So subscribe subscribe subscribe and be entered to win one of the following prizes! Good luck!

The prizes!
1. Fire roasted birch, poplar and oak coasters from Birch & Grey (

Birch&Grey coasters

2. A cowl handmade for you by myself.

Cowl by Poppy Marrins

3. A well written profile of your business/company/charity to be featured on this blog, This free advertising will allow you to reach a whole new audience.

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